Retro Diva (retrodiva1) wrote in alameda_goths,
Retro Diva

Fun Frolicking Fashion Fundraiser - January 25th

Hi All! Please spread the word and post this wherever you can.

Retro Diva will be helping Dumb Clothing (Paula Fletcher) and Erik Guzman put on a fundraiser fashion show next week (January 25th @ 8 pm, show starts at 10 pm) at The Mighty (119 Utah Street, San Francisco, CA) in San Francisco.

All the proceeds are going to The Hamilton Family Center providing homeless families a safe, stable, temporary home environment.

Full details can be found here:

I'm really excited that a) it's for a good cause and b) this will be my first fashion show. We all have been working out butts off to bring you a memorable and entertaining show!

Hope to see you all there.

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